Pairing Sensations

A stage designed for chefs and sommeliers to present their philosophy and stories behind the magic of food and beverage pairing, allowing different flavours to dance on your palate.

The Best of the Best MASTERCHEF Recommendation Restaurant

To elevate industry standards, BOBM provides quality catering stamp certification to local restaurants offering first-rate dining and hospitality experience.

Tasting Theatre

Wine experts will take you on a wondrous journey of wine tasting and food and wine paring, guiding you how to savour the best way. The newly introduced beer tasting sessions will also take you to the uncharted area of RBHK. Enjoy!

Hong Kong Coffee in Good Spirits Championship

The competition challenges baristas’ and barkeepers’ skills and creativity to blend coffee and alcohol perfectly in a glass, stirring up a mixology craze.

Hong Kong Best Bars Awards

Hong Kong Best Bars Awards aim to underscore the contributions of specialty bars and expand horizons of mixology, ambiance, and hospitality. Presenting a unique judging panel comprised of spirits experts, bartenders, sommeliers and spirit lovers, the awards take into account both professional judgments and customers’ feedback to identify the next best bars in Hong Kong, Macau and Greater China.