Cooking Demo

Bakery and Patisserie Theatre
The theatre enables you to embark a culinary journey…

Chef Masterclass
To see some of the best Chinese and Asian cooks…

Beverage Seminars

Wine Tasting Theatre
Sniff, Swirl, Sip. Prepare for a sensory discovery of world-class wines…


Coffee Power Championship
Coffee Power Championship aims to spread the excellence of…


Hong Kong House Wine Awards
Hong Kong House Wine Awards aim to recognise wine distributors who provide and select high-quality house wine for restaurants in Hong Kong that best reflects the taste of customers.

Hong Kong Best Spirits Awards
Hong Kong Best Spirits Awards aim to select the very best spirits in different styles and promote to consumers in Hong Kong, Macau and greater China.

Restaurant & Bar Hong Kong 2019 Cocktail Challenge
Talented bartenders and mixologists from Hong Kong and Macau will compete to showcase their skills…