Green Kitchen

A feast for the senses to enjoy chefs' culinary masterpieces, inspirations and favourite dishes with the sustainable elements.

Hong Kong Best Spirits Awards

To select the very best spirits in different styles and promote to consumers in Hong Kong, Macau and greater China, it presents a unique spirit-judging competition.

Hong Kong Latte Art Championship x Coffee in Good Spirits Championship

Two competitions to challenge the baristas and barkeepers' latte art techniques and mixology skills in a setting where coffee and alcohol go perfectly together in an on-demand performance.

Hong Kong Washu Awards

Awards to promote Japanese Sake & Culture and significant contribution of Female Professionals in the F&B industry from both Hong Kong and Japan.

Pairing Sensations

A stage designed for Chefs and Sommeliers to present their philosophy and stories behind the magic of food & beverage pairing. Connecting the world through mix and match of flavours from different countries.

Italian Cocktail Challenge & Bar Italiano

To elevate the craft of cocktail making in the regional bartending community, talented mixologists will compete to showcase their skills. The area will also showcase products from Italian bars, to provide all visitors an authentic Italian Bar Experience.

The Best of the Best MASTERCHEF Recommendation Restaurant

To raise the quality of Hong Kong's catering industry, a quality catering stamp certification to qualify and recognize participants for their outstanding performance in catering industry at the annual ceremony.

Wine Luxe International Awards

As a renowned wine magazine in Hong Kong and Greater China, Wine Luxe Magazine awards the best wines and spirits for enjoyment and pairing with local cuisines.

Wine Tasting Theatre

Sniff, Swirl, Sip. Prepare for a sensory discovery of world-class wines in a series of seminars and masterclasses led by industry experts!

U.S.A. Pavilion

At RBHK x GA’s U.S.A. Pavilion, the Agricultural Trade Office (ATO) Hong Kong will join hand with U.S. exhibitors to showcase U.S. food and agricultural products via cooking demonstration and product showcase.