Pairing Sensations

A stage designed for chefs and sommeliers to present their philosophy and stories behind the magic of food and beverage pairing, allowing different flavours to dance on your palate.

The Best of the Best MASTERCHEF Recommendation Restaurant

To elevate industry standards, BOBM provides quality catering stamp certification to local restaurants offering first-rate dining and hospitality experience.

Tasting Theatre

Wine experts will take you on a wondrous journey of wine tasting and food and wine paring, guiding you how to savour the best way. The newly introduced beer tasting sessions will also take you to the uncharted area of RBHK. Enjoy!

Hong Kong Coffee in Good Spirits Championship

The competition challenges baristas’ and barkeepers’ skills and creativity to blend coffee and alcohol perfectly in a glass, stirring up a mixology craze.

Hong Kong Best Spirits Awards

Hong Kong Best Spirits Awards recognise spirits of the highest calibre and the bars, restaurants and hotels where they are served, bringing the best budding spirits to consumers in Hong Kong, Macau and Greater China.

Hong Kong Washu Awards

The awards select the very best Japanese sake, wine, fruit liqueur and spirits to bring diverse Japanese flavours and drinking culture to the world stage.

CIM Hong Kong Marketing Symposium

The symposium aims to provide useful insights on SDG good practices for F&B marketers, covering topics with eco communities, care food, and sustainability strategies.

Future Green Seminar

The seminar aims to collectively offer the industry an in-depth understanding through seminars and panel discussions on the emerging trend of ‘’Sustainable Food Industry Development’’.

IFSA RBHK Symposium 2023

The Symposium offers valuables insights into the latest trends, challenges and opportunities of food safety while sharing best practices to mitigate risks and protect customers.

U.S. Cooking Demonstration

Get ready to experience the best of U.S. food and agricultural products at RBHK’s U.S.A. Pavilion. Via a series of cooking demonstration and product showcase, visitors will get a taste of high-quality, sustainable, and diverse U.S. culinary delights.

Wine Luxe International Awards

Wine Luxe International Awards recognise wines of the best quality and set industry benchmark to boost Chinese wine consumers’ confidence.