Pairing Sensations

Pairing Sensations

About the Event

Pairing Sensations is a stage designed for chefs and sommeliers to present their philosophy and stories behind the magic of food and beverage pairing. Connecting the world through mix and match of flavours from different countries, each paring sensation will present unrivalled opportunities to blend culinary ideas, cultures, and experiences.

The Vision

The combination of food and wine works like an orchestra, composing a pleasing symphony. Chefs and Sommeliers are the mastermind behind every pairing sensation, staging the flavour of food and beverages to dance on your palate. The collaboration deserves an opportunity to shine, and here we present to you, Pairing Sensations.

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Awards Presentation Ceremony

Date: 6 Sep 2023
Time: 16:00 – 17:00
Venue: Main Stage, Hall 5F, Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre


UMAMI edition


01 Pairing Sensations of the Year
(2 spots)
02 Top 12 Judges’ Selection Pairing Sensations
Pairing Sensations – Umami Edition Nominated Outlets
04 Other awards
      > Wine Critics Favourite
> Miss Sake Hong Kong Favourite
> Celebrities Favourite
> New Emerging Award (for outlets open under 2 years)

2022 Pairing Sensation of the Year

The Special Winners

Top 12 Judges' Selections

Other Entries Include...