The Best of the Best MASTERCHEF Recommendation Restaurant

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Co-organised with Asia Art of Cuisine Society (AOC), BOBM crowns the best restaurants in Hong Kong that provide diners with the first-rate dining and hospitality experience. From new game-changers to old favourites, the awards provide a definitive guide for diners to identify top eats while encouraging self-evaluation among service providers to strive for continuous improvement.

Date: 3 Sep 2024

BOBM Scheme


The program is a quality catering stamp certification.

Program purposes:

  1. Assist customers to identify “The best of the best Masterchef Recommendation Restaurant service provider;
  2. Approved merchants have met the catering service and environmental quality standards stipulated in The best of the best Masterchef Recommendation Restaurant;
  3. Assist service providers to conduct self-evaluation and let them understand the shortcomings in order to continuously improve;
  4. Enhance the capabilities of all service providers and promote the promotion and development of the catering industry;
  5. Raising the level of Hong Kong's catering industry has allowed the reputation of “Asian Food Paradise" to continue.

2023 BOBM Recommendation Restaurant

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Top Judging Panel



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Secretariat Office : [email protected] Ι +852 2301 3188

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