The Best of the Best MASTERCHEF Recommendation Restaurant

Everything Started By Asia Art of Cuisine Society

Asia Art Of Cuisine Society (AOC) was founded in 2006. At the beginning AOC was just cooperate with Hong Kong Tourism Board every year, our association was responsible for coordinating the culinary competition and F&B festival. The Committees have discovered and accumulated many high-quality restaurants, and these treasures should be made public. Therefore, The best of the best Masterchef Recommendation Restaurant (BOBM) was born.

BOBM was first launched by AOC in 2012 and received a good response. AOC accepts applications for more than 200 restaurants every year. The restaurant obtain BOBM must passed stringent assessment. The BOBM announce qualified participants and recognize participants for their outstanding performance in catering industry at the annual ceremony.

Date: 6 Sep 2022
Time: 11:00 – 17:00
Venue: Main Stage, Hall 5E, HKCEC

BOBM Scheme


The program is a quality catering stamp certification.

Program purposes:

  1. Assist customers to identify “The best of the best Masterchef Recommendation Restaurant service provider;
  2. Approved merchants have met the catering service and environmental quality standards stipulated in The best of the best Masterchef Recommendation Restaurant;
  3. Assist service providers to conduct self-evaluation and let them understand the shortcomings in order to continuously improve;
  4. Enhance the capabilities of all service providers and promote the promotion and development of the catering industry;
  5. Raising the level of Hong Kong's catering industry has allowed the reputation of “Asian Food Paradise" to continue.

2022 BOBM Recommendation Restaurant

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For enquiries, please contact:
Secretariat Office : [email protected] Ι +852 2301 3188

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