Hong Kong Washu Awards

Hong Kong Washu Awards


Japanese Sake has been a growing beverage category in Hong Kong in the past 5 years. The awareness and numbers of Japanese restaurants in all price tiers have been growing in Hong Kong.

One of the core missions of Miss SAKE Hong Kong is to promote Japanese Sake and Japanese Culture in Hong Kong. At the same time, it is our responsibility to celebrate and promote the significant contribution of Female Professionals in the Food & Beverage industry from both Hong Kong and Japan. We see there is a demand for this award in the market, conducted by only Female Judges, with a combination of both F&B professionals, Miss Sake Hong Kong, as well as Female Consumers.

Date: 6 Sep 2022
Time: 17:30 – 18:00
Venue: Wine Tasting Theatre, Hall 5D, Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre

Sake Judge Panel

Ms Bowie MAN
2019 Miss SAKE Hong Kong
Sake Sommelier

Ms Noble LAW
Sommelier, Le Rêve

Ms Caesar LI
Sake Sommelier & 
Assist. Manager, Nadaman

Ms Rebecca LEUNG
Wine Critics Ι Wine Educator Ι 
Wine Journalist

Ms Mabel LAI
Wine Journalist Ι Wine Educator
Ι International Wine Judge

Ms Tersina SHIEH
Winemaker Ι Wine Journalist

Wine Judge Panel

Ms Anty FUNG
General Manager, Hip Cellar
Wine Educator

Ms Cecilia WONG
Wine & Whisky Writer

Mr Henry CHENG
Beverage Manager, China Club

Mr Jacky LUK
Sommelier, Forum Restaurant 1977

Mr John NG
Director of Spirits, Acker

Mr Reeze CHOI
Founder of Somm’s Philosophy

Mr Eddie CHUI
Editorial Director, Cru Magazine

2022 Results

Japanese Sake – Junmai Daiginjo
Platinum 日下無雙 純米大吟釀 45
Platinum 羽陽男山 純米大吟醸 ナヌカ 雪女神 SPECIAL LABEL
Gold 東長 純米大吟釀 壓榨袋吊
Gold 花之露 鴻盧館 純米大吟釀 袋吊
Gold 東長 褒紋 純米大吟釀
Gold 鳥海山 純米大吟醸
Gold 東鶴 純米大吟釀 結晴
Silver 白岳仙 黑鈇 純米大吟釀
Silver 比良松 純米大吟醸35 挑
Silver 松浦一 純米大吟釀
Silver 能古見 純米大吟醸
Japanese Sake – Junmai Ginjo
Platinum 幸姫 純米吟醸 RISE
Platinum 南部美人 純米吟醸
Platinum 天寶一 中汲 山田錦 純吟
Gold 花之露 純米吟釀 山田錦 磨五割五分
Gold 肥前蔵心 純米吟醸
Gold 白岳仙 白練 純米吟釀
Japanese Sake – Junmaishu
Platinum 東長 季節限定純米
Platinum 東鶴 純米酒
Gold 東長 純米生酒 春しぼり 生
Silver 東長 純米
Silver 花之露 純米
Silver 日下無雙 純米酒 紅蠍 8號酵母
Silver 鳥海山 生酛仕込 純米酒
Japanese Sake – Tokubetsu Junmaishu
Platinum 東長 慶紋 特別純米酒
Platinum ニャン齢 火入れ
Platinum 南部美人 特別純米
Gold 万齢 生酛特別純米 八百万
Gold 福鶴 特別純米酒
Silver 天寶一 特別純米 八反錦
Japanese Sake – Daiginjo
Platinum 光武 大吟釀
Gold 万齢 大吟醸
Gold 川波 大吟醸
Gold 東長 大吟釀
Silver 比翼鶴 大吟醸
Silver 長崎美人 大吟釀
Japanese Sake – Ginjo
Silver 川波 吟醸
Japanese Sake – Honjozo
Platinum 東長 特撰
Gold 丸平 東長 本釀造
Japanese Red Wine
Platinum Takeda Winery Chateau Takeda, Old Vine Bailey A 2019
Platinum Vinoble Vineyards, Muscat Bailey A 2021
Platinum Domaine Takahiko, Yoichi-Nobori Passetugrain 2019
Platinum Woody Farm & Winery, Cabernet Franc 2019
Platinum Champs Clair, Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Barrel-aged 2017
Gold Chateau Mercian Hosaka Muscat Bailey A Selected Vineyards 2014
Gold Azumino Winery, Cuvee Mitsuyoshi Muscat Bailey A 2018
Gold Rue de Vin, Pinot Noir 2021
Gold Chitose Winery, Pinot Noir 2019
Gold Vinoble Vineyards, Pinot Noir 2020
Gold Suntory Tomi No Oka Red 2017
Gold Chateau Lumiere Red 2015
Gold Chateau Mercian Mariko Vineyard Merlot 2015
Silver Takeda Winery, Kamioginoto 843-5 Barrel-Aged 2018
Silver Cfa Backyard Winery, Ring Components MBA NV
Silver Chichibu Usagida Winery, Unite 2018
Silver Shion Winery, Casablanca (Rouge) 2021
Silver Yamato Wine, Huggy Rouge NV
Silver Woody Farm & Winery, Pinot Noir 2019
Silver Domaine Takahiko, Nana-Tsu-Mori Pinot Noir 2019
Silver Shion Jozo, Sogon NV
Silver Suntory Tomi Red 2011
Japanese White Wine
Platinum Lumiere Koshu HIKARI 2021
Platinum Hirakawa Winery, Solitude Terre de Yoichi 2021
Platinum Vinoble Vineyards, Chardonnay Barrel Fermentation 2021
Platinum Hirakawa Winery, Ostrea Terre de Yoichi 2021
Gold Suntory Tomi No Oka Koshu 2018
Gold Chateau Jun, Koshu 2020
Gold Hirakawa Winery, Second Vin Blanc Terre de Yoichi 2020
Gold Shion Winery, Hope 2021
Gold Kusunoki Winery, Chardonnay 2019
Gold Woody Farm & Winery, Uenoyama Chardonnay 2019
Gold Chateau Lumiere White 2019
Gold Chitose Winery, Kerner 2020
Gold Takeda Winery, l'elevage en fut Blanc de Noir Yamagata Bailey A 2020
Gold Woody Farm & Winery, Petit Manseng Moelleux 2019
Silver Shion Winery, Margaret Blanc 2021
Silver Yamato Wine, Innocent NV
Silver Iwasaki Jozo, Baltet Koshu Dry Barrel 2017
Silver Chateau Mercian Mariko Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc 2016
Silver Chateau Mercian Hokushin Chardonnay Unwooded 2016
Silver Rue de Vin, Chardonnay Colline d’Or 2021
Silver Suntory Tomi White 2013
Silver Takeda Winery, Domaine Takeda, Delaware Barrel-aged 2019
Silver Lumiere Histoire White 2021
Sparkling Wine
Platinum Vinoble Vineyard, Semillon Sparkling 2021
Platinum Hirakawa Winery, Intimité La Pétillante 2021
Platinum Takeda Winery, Sans Soufre Blanc 2021
Platinum Woody Farm & Winery, Poi Poi Poire Troislou 2016
Gold Lumiere Sparkling Koshu 2020
Gold Woody Farm & Winery, Private Reserve Brut Nature 2015
Gold Chitose Winery, Kerner Sparkling NV
Gold Chateau Jun, Sparkling Rose NV
Silver Chateau Jun, Sparkling Chardonnay NV
Silver Rue de Vin, Vin Mousseux “Esprit” NV
Silver Kusunoki Winery, Yoroizaka Sparkling 2016
Platinum 松浦一 梅酒南高梅
Gold 花之露 紫蘇梅酒
Gold 大山夢工房 鶯宿梅 三年熟成梅酒夢響
Silver 純米焼酎 おおち


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