Coffee Power Championship

Coffee Power Championship 2019

Coffee Power Championship was founded in 2013 to encourage professionalism in coffee community. With immense support from international and local coffee practitioners, we connect with the world competitions by integrating knowledge from industry both in and out of the city. A great variety of competitions have been hosted in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre during these years, attracting more than thousands of elites in industry and hundred thousand of audience. While Coffee Power stands for the greatest enthusiasms and passion to coffee, coffee connects people and generates inestimable momentum to the community.


Coffee Power Rangers Championship

Champion: Be Water
1st Runner Up: Wonderful
2nd Runner Up: Mr. Beans

Coffee Power Latte Art Championship

Champion: Fung Yuk Ning David (Studio Caffeine)
1st Runner Up: Ng Ching Wo Joe
2nd Runner Up: Lung Mei Kuen Dargon

Coffee Power Cup Tasters Championship

Champion: Jacky Handrision
1st Runner Up: Wong Hiu Yu, Bartha
2nd Runner Up: Leung Seong Fung (Black Sugar Coffee)

Coffee Power Roasting Championship

Champion: Fan Tak Chun Jonathan
1st Runner Up: Tam Kin Wing
2nd Runner Up: Lo Ka Lok Someone


Champion*, 1st Runner Up & 2nd Runner Up will be awarded with trophy, certificate and prize

*Champion of Coffee Power Rangers Championship (one member) will represent Hong Kong to compete with Champions of almost 20 countries around the world in the 9th Fushan Cup International Barista Championship in Hainan

*Champion of Coffee Power Cup Tasters Championship will represent Hong Kong to compete in the 2019 International Coffee Taste Masters Championship in Taiwan

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