Chefs Talk: Our Journey

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Chefs Talk: Our Journey 廚師“話”事

日期 Date: May 11, 2018
時間 Time: 3:00pm – 4:30pm
地點 Venue: Gourmet Tasting Restaurant
主辦機構 Organiser :

活動詳情 Programme

3:00pm – 3:40pm
廚師青雲路多面「睇」 Road to Success: The Chefs Stories 在餐廳、酒店以外,廚師還可以有哪些出路?現時小店或網店冒起,擁有自己的店鋪不再是夢想。廚師在酒店的終極位置原來不一定是行政總廚,成爲餐飲部經理又如何?廚師是否應該專於一個菜系?年青廚師擁有國際視野後,可以如何多元發揮?數位廚藝專才會為你分享他們的經驗和故事。   Working in the kitchens of hotels and restaurants is no longer the only way out for professional chefs. The emergence of small eateries and online retail channels have provided chefs with new opportunities! Running a business is no longer just a dream. In hotel, chefs can be promoted to Food and Beverage manager to oversee the entire restaurant operation.  And, how young chefs with international exposure can benefit from their multi-cultural culinary skills and knowledge? A panel of chef professionals will share their experiences and stories with you.

講者  Speakers

ATUM創辦人  郭健邦先生 Mr Kwok Kin Bong, Founder of ATUM    
尚善廚師    梁秀婷小姐 Ms Michelle Leung , Chef, Shou Zen  
香港諾富特世紀酒店餐飲經理 暨行政總廚    李耀倫先生 Mr Andrew Lee, Restaurants and Kitchen Manager, Novotel Century Hong Kong
主持  Moderator 國際廚藝學院代表 Representative from International Culinary Institute (ICI)


Mr. Ken Chow, International Culinary Institute (ICI)

3:40pm – 3:50pm
3:50pm – 4:30pm
摘星秘笈  The Path to a Michelin Star 自從米芝蓮首次推出香港版指南後,多間中菜廰成勢冒起。要成爲米芝蓮餐廳,廚師的位置是什麽呢?要成爲米芝蓮星級廚師,又要具備什麽條件?廚師,除了星外,又可以有什麽追求呢?三位星級名廚將為你獻上他們的摘星秘笈。
Many fine Chinese restaurants have come to gourmands’ attention ever since the introduction of the very first Michelin Guide Hong Kong.  What makes a Michelin-starred chef and what’s his / her role in the success of a restaurant? Besides the Michelin stars, what else are professional chefs yearning for? A panel of starred chefs will guide you to the path to winning one of the most sought-after accolades.
講者   Speakers
嚐悅 行政總廚 陳國強先生 Mr Chan Kwok Keung, ExecutiveChef ,                        SOLO




Mr Wong Wing Keung, Chinese Executive Chef, The Excelsior Hong Kong
麗新餐飲管理有限公司集團 行政總廚(中菜) 歐國強先生 Mr Au Kwok Keung, Group Executive Chef (Chinese Division), Lai Sun F&B Management
主持  Moderator 中華廚藝學院代表    劉惠平先生         Mr Pierre Lau, Chinese Culinary Institute (CCI)
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